Feel Good Friday: How Grocers Help Farmers and Families

September 17, 2015 0Trucking

The effects on the global supply chain from COVID-19 could be felt for a while. Two groups of people who have been heavily impacted are farmers and food suppliers. With restrictions imposed on the farming and food distribution industries, there has been a surplus in supply of grocery items that has gone to waste. But one grocer is stepping up to the plate to help farmers and families.

From Farms to Food Banks

Publix, a grocery chain based in the Southeastern U.S., is purchasing large amounts of milk and unused produce to donate to Feeding America food banks. Sadly, many dairy farmers have been forced to dump out large quantities of unsold milk. Their buyers have faced limitations in how much they can sell to their customers, which in turn leads to limitations on how much buyers can afford to purchase from their dairy farmers.

Publix’s initiative is to make sure everybody benefits from them buying this surplus of supplies. The farmers remain in business and liquidate their surplus, the food banks get donations, and the customers of the farmers can continue to buy their own preferred level of inventory. Most importantly, it helps the people around the country who may be faced with food and supply shortages.

This is a prime example of supply chains working together to keep products and services in the hands of who need them the most. Many people in the United States struggle to find the supplies they need nowadays. Supply chains integrating together and conducting business with each other helps ensure families and individuals have the things they need.

Helping One Another

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen businesses help other businesses due to uncertain market conditions. Just recently, we’ve seen CVS and UPS team up to deliver prescription drugs to residents in Florida. Partnerships like this and the one Publix is forging with dairy farmers and food suppliers isn’t just a feel-good story but will set the bar high in the upcoming “new normal” for how commerce and supply chains will need to be more integrated than ever across industries to remain an efficient and effective business.

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